Troy and ErinHi! We’re Erin and Troy, a couple of newbie sailors headed for the Bahamas. We want an adventure: to travel where the sun is shining and the sand is warm on our feet while seeing new parts of the world, all while learning to sail. Over the next few years, we hope to reach the Bahamas, Caribbean, and eventually beyond. So, we sold everything: our cars, our house, and most of our belongings (anything that wouldn’t fit inside of our 10×10 storage unit) and bought a 1979 37’ Hunter Cherubini. Sound crazy? Well, we’re also bringing along our two dogs and cat!

We’ve always loved the water. For the last handful of years, we have spent nearly every weekend on our powerboat in Tampa during the spring and summer months…sometimes stretching even until October or November if we could stand to cooling water temps. The ocean makes us happiest…I still yelp anytime I see a dolphin and force Troy to stop whatever he’s doing to come check it out. Since we love being outdoors and enjoying nature, sailing and living aboard became our dream.

How did we make this a reality? We’re not going to lie…it was scary: changing everything that was “normal” to us and veering off course. But, we wanted to live a simpler way of life. We were tired of the rat race: driving home in rush hour traffic, car payments, and following a regular routine every day. Troy was always more “ready” to make the plunge than I was. There were so many “what-if’s” that ran through my mind…health insurance, storms, first aid, navigating new places, budget, etc. etc. However, after a week-long vacation to the beautiful Virgin Islands a few years ago, I was ready to commit…we were going to do it! We didn’t want to wait any longer; certainly not until retirement. We want this adventure now, while we’re young and healthy and able to soak up every ounce of adventure. So, we called and met with our real estate agent. We began downsizing and listed our home for sale. Selling quickly in a hot market, our home went under contract in 24 hours! We continued saving every penny we could manage…we even moved in with my parents as we searched for and prepped Salty Tails.

Salty Tails…you can probably guess how our boat got her name. Some people might think we’re nuts for cramming two people and three animals on a 37’ sailboat. But Ginnie, Bella, and Chase are our family…there is no other option than to have them with us! Yes, we’ll have plenty of pet hair to clean up. And yes, we’ll have to take them to do their business, even when the winds are blowing. Regardless, we’re so excited to bring them on this journey!

The goal of this blog is to document our adventure and have our friends and family join in. We’re so thankful for their love and support as we’ve planned and put our dreams into action. We also hope to inspire anyone who has a desire or similar interest to sail or adventure abroad. We’ll keep you posted with pictures and stories of our travels as we go. Since this is learning process for us, we’ll share our aha’s, tips, and tricks we learn along the way!

Happy Sailing!

Erin, Troy, Ginnie, Bella, and Chase